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Our Services

At Chromex Scientific we believe that it is our knowledge and experience that sets us apart from our competitors. As such we not only offer a full range of Chromatography Products but also offer Preventitive Maintenance (PM), Validation (IQ / OQ / PQ) and Instrument Repair, Training, Consultancy and Analytical Support packages.


Chromex Scientific offer a full range of HPLC & GC Service plans, including LC-MS & GC-MS, that are specifically tailored to a clients specific needs and budget. We recognise that different organisations and laboratories have different needs, on that basis we will happy to quote for your specific requirements.

Chromex Scientific offers a complete range of Service plans that can include any of the following services:

  • Preventitive Maintenance (PM)
  • Validation / Qualification Services (IQ / OQ / PQ)
  • Calibration
  • Instrument Repair

To discuss your needs in person please call 08450 577811


We offer various training courses throughout the year but also deliver tailored courses to meet the varying needs of different organisations. We believe that this offers the best value for money because the course content is specific to the target audience. We offer training in the following areas:

  • Basic HPLC
  • HPLC Method Development
  • HPLC Troubleshooting
  • Method Optimisation
  • Sample Prep

To discuss your needs in person please call 08450 577811


Chromex Scientific are happy to help where we can on an informal basis. We also recognise that some organisations benefit from external consultation when they are trying to improve their analysis or set up new analytical methods. Our knowledge and expertise mean that we can often recommend a variety of solutions to meet specific analytical objectives.

To discuss your needs in person please call 08450 577811 


A number of our clients benefit from one of our Analytical Support Packages. Due to our wide ranging applications experience we offer a broad range of Analytical Support Packages to suit most needs. Each package is unique and is comprised of a number of Analytical Support Services.


  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Telephone Troubleshooting
  • Application Optimisation / enhancement
  • Training for analysts
  • New Method Recommendations
  • Access to Applications Database
  • Ongoing Application Support
  • On Site Stock of Consumables
  • Purchasing Solutions
  • Guaranteed Response times 

To discuss your needs in person please call 08450 577811 

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