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100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

  • Classic dimethyl polysiloxane technology with high temperature cross-linking 
  • Excellent general purpose GC column 
  • Low Bleed 
  • Non-polar 
  • Suitable for all routine analyses 

Application areas: suitable for analysis of hydrocarbons, aromatics, pesticides, phenol, herbicides, amines

Operating Temperature: 0.1-1.0µm film thickness -60°C to 340/360°C 1.5-3.0µm film thickness -60°C to 300/320°C 4.0-5.0µm film thickness -60°C to 280/300°C

Suitable replacement for: DB-1, DB-Petro, HP-1, HP-1MS, Rtx-1, Ultra-1, SPB-1, SPB-1 Sulfur, Petrocol DH, CP-Sil 5CB, VB-1, ZB-1, VF-1ms.

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